Mahealani was dreamt & visualized around the ending of the year 2018. The name comes from Olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian language).

Mahealani refers to the third night of the full moon. "Mahea" means "hazy" like moonlight.  I work with two kinds of shells Sunrise and Moonrise shells. Both of these shells are endemic to Hawai‘i and only found in the waters surrounding the islands. In the past they were only worn by ali‘i (Hawaiian royalty). Their varying colors resemble that of a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise or that of a Hawaiian Moonrise on Mahealani.

My inspiration is the cycles of the moon & mastering the cycles and transformations of our own lives.

I deeply respect indigenous cultures and their wisdom. Living in Hawaii has taught me that life is consistently transforming but the approach to life is most important. The Aloha culture is very much alive in Hawaii and the Hawaiians approach to life is from love and selflessness despite how hard life may be..

I use hemp cording because its sustainable and earthy. I intend for my pieces to embody a earthy, raw, organic, authentic, essence. I hope these pieces make you feel grounded, rooted and most importantly connected to the source that connects us all on these planet.

One of a kind jewelry pieces, for one of a kind souls.

From my heart to yours.